The Best Shed Kits You Can Buy In Australia Today

Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Made Steel

Engineered to Comply to All Current Standards and Codes

Made in Australia and using Australian made Steel!

Lysaght steel made in Australia
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Australian Family Owned and Run 

– speak direct to the owners, your project is our concern

Over 70 years Combined Experience 

in the building and construction industry, with nearly 40 years in sheds and carports

National Network 

of over 20 different manufacturing locations - better value for you and enabling delivery to most areas of Australia

Site specific engineering

supplied for your structure – ready and compliant for council application

More Weight in Steel 

for your shed or garage than our competitors – not all sheds and garages are the same, compare our range and you will be pleasantly surprised

Individually Designed

for all Australian Wind Conditions including Cyclonic. Compliant with current BCA building codes – that's peace of mind for you

Simple, Friendly Construction Assistance 

available to you - talk to someone with installation experience, not just a salesperson

Multiple Designs and No Set Sizes 

from a single garage to a commercial building, we give you more options – you choose the width, length and height to suit your needs

Everything Is Included 

– you will receive every part you need to build your shed, garage or floor kit, including guttering, downpipes & fasteners

Are you looking for quality shed, garage or mezzanine floor kit?

Our aim is to supply the best shed, garage or mezzanine floor for your situation. At Excalibur Sheds, you can choose from a large range of genuine colorbond sheds and garages to suit many purposes. Discover many different sizes and heights, that you can order to suit your own personal needs. Additions such as roller doors, PA (personal access) doors, windows and insulation are also available. Mezzanine floors come in a strong galvanised frame.

We Encourage You To Do Your Homework Before Buying. 

You will probably notice wide varying prices when searching for your shed, garage or mezzanine floor. We don't expect you to know all the details, but you should be able to make the best decision by talking with a few people and getting the right information. Two of the main differences in sheds etc. is due to where the steel is coming from, and how strong the shed is designed.

  • Australian steel will cost you more initially, but save you thousands in the end. It's simply made to last, and look better for much longer. There is only one range of genuine Colorbond. All the colours are trademarked as well. 
  • How the shed is designed is also a consideration. It needs to pass the building code and Australian standards (because Australian steel is made here, it passes the standards). It should be strong, typically from high tensile steel feed (as opposed to soft feed, which you can find). You will find variations in how the same size building, from different suppliers, have been engineered. Ask for the size and thickness of the steel components and how much is used. Look for the strength rating of steel quoted as well the weight of steel in the shed - this will tell you if it's lightweight or not as strong. 

Engineered Shed Designs for Both Non-Cyclonic and Cyclonic Wind Conditions

One of the main things to get right when ordering shed kits is to make sure that your shed has been designed for your local conditions and that it includes the proper engineering paperwork. There is a big difference between non-cyclonic and cyclonic wind areas and you need to know that your shed kit can handle it. Excalibur Sheds can provide with the engineering documentation for your shed, including your site address details. This then gives you site specific engineering, showing your shed design matches with your location correctly.