Double Garage


Double Garages – a great addition to your home.

They are a real multi-purpose garage – You get that extra advantage of being able to protect 2 vehicles or you can split the space up to use as a garage and workshop, or use it storage garage.

Even though it may seem that all double garages are basically the same, there are some differences. There are advantages you can find if you spend a little bit of time finding what will work best for you.

Big range of sizes

A well known standard size for a double garage is 6m x 6m, but did you know that you can get different widths and lengths?

For example, instead of a 6m length you could look at 7m. This is great if you have a larger car or you want a bit of bench space or storage. You can also have a wider garage if you want more space to open the door of your car, without worrying about clunking the other car (how often does this happen).

Variable Heights

Instead of nominating the height of the shed first, we like to work back from that. We need to find out what you need as a clearance, so your cars, boat etc can comfortably drive in. The height of your roller door often determines the height of the shed. This is because you have to allow for the drum mechanism of the door at the top.

Select the right sized roller door for your Double Garage

As briefly mentioned above, getting the right height and also width for your door/s will make it a lot easier in the long run. You can talk with us about what size will work for you.

Q. What is the standard size of a 2 car garage door - If you are using a double width door, it will be about 4.8m to 5m wide. If you are using 2 separate doors, one for each car, the doors will be about 2.6m to 2.7m wide for each door in a typical double garage.

Your double garage will include everything

When you’re buying double garages, make sure that everything is included. This means right down to the guttering, downpipes and fasteners. Double garages from Excalibur will include everything component you need.

Optional Extras

  • Motorised Roller Doors with Remote Control - make it easy for yourself. If you know you will be opening and closing the roller doors regularly, this is a worthwhile option.  
  • Whirly Birds - These are an inexpensive addition to your garage. They help to encourage airflow throughout and minimise the heat stored inside.
  • Roof Insulation - At the very least, we encourage people to buy roof insulation. It helps to keep the heat out in hotter climates and contain the heat in colder climates  
  • Wall Insulation - For even better levels of insulation, install some wall insulation as well. The overall difference inside a garage that has both roof and wall insulation in quite noticeable.
  • Vermaseal vermin protection - This is a very interesting product. It closes off the gaps at the bottom of the wall sheets so that the vermin find it very difficult to get into the garage.
  • Garage Mezzanine - If you need even more space, put in a mezzanine floor. Choose from different loadings for storage or foot traffic. You just need to make sure that you will have enough height to use it. So if you think you may need a floor down the track, buy a garage with enough height to do it.

A quality garage made from Australian Steel

It’s important to consider this for several reasons:

Known Strength – made in Australia

Known Quality – tested in Australia

Locally based Warranties – in Australia

Buildings that comply with current engineering standards

Determine whether your double garage will include the engineering drawings. If it doesn’t, your chances of getting it approved are slim and your extra costs will be substantial. You need the engineering included. All our double garages come with current engineering.

There are other factors and some will depend on your own site, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks very much

Keith and Ashley

Some frequently asked questions

What is a Double Garage - as the word ‘double’ implies, a double garage is simply a garage that can store 2 cars or vehicles. 

What size should a double garage be - a typical double garage is 6m wide x 6m long. This would suit most cars. If you have larger vehicles, you may want to increase the width or length to suit. For example if you have a four wheel drive and a caravan side by side, we’d suggest to make it longer and wider to accommodate.

How wide is a double garage  - a typical double garage is 6m wide. But you are not limited to this width. We can make your double garage any size or height you like. If you want more space to open the car doors, why not make it a bit wider.