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Stud Frame Sheds

Custom Made Stud Framed Sheds and Garages

There is a growing popularity in people wanting sheds made using stud frame, which is a common practice in house construction. There are some natural advantages using a shed made from stud frame. But not all are obvious. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • They can be easier and quicker to erect. However, this all depends if the frame come in modules, or in what we call stick form. Modules are typically pre-made and assembled for you. For example, the walls might come in 3m long sections. You simply have to hinge them up and fix them off into the concrete. Sheds that come in 'stick form' means that every individual piece of steel stud has to be put together into their modules, then connected together. This obviously takes longer than in module form.
  • Choice of wall cladding. With stud frame wall you can use different steel profiles or install horizontal sheeting (which is trendy at the moment). You can even use different materials, such as weatherboard or hardiplank.
  • Built in room for services such as plumbing and electrical. Stud frames can come with pre-punched holes to allow for simple installation of plumbing and electrical lines.
  • Room for wall insulation. Because the stud frames are 90mm wide, this gives you a 90mm thick cavity to put wall insulation into. This means it makes it easier and quicker if you want to add this.
  • You can line the internal walls straight away. Stud frame sheds that use a 600mm centre spacing on the framework give you a ready to use surface for gyprock or plasterboard sheeting.
  • Can be vermin proofed easier. The very nature of stud walls means you can vermin proof the shed a lot easier.
  • Choice of portal roof trusses or full web trusses to give you a standard house type ceiling, which you can line with gyprock.
  • Why choose a stud framed shed from Excalibur Sheds

  • Extra strong framing – we supply 90mm wide stud framing. This is significantly stronger than the standard 76mm you get elsewhere. It also makes insulating you shed easier and gives a better result.
  • Custom made sizes available – including single and double storey sheds
  • Custom made designs available – all the different roof shapes
  • Choice of wall cladding to choose from
  • Site specific engineering provided
  • Delivery through all of south east Queensland
  • Australian made steel for strength and longevity
  • Stud Framed Sheds

    What are the limitations of stud framed sheds? (or are they limitations at all)

    OK, so I can see all the advantages of stud framed shed, why not use them more? 

    There are 2 things to consider - There are structural limitations in the size of building that can be designed, purely using stud frames. However we can provide you with a solution to this. By designing a hybrid type shed design, using both portal frames and stud frames, you can usually achieve what you are after. Secondly they do typically cost a bit more that an equivalent sized portal framed shed initially. However when you look at the overall project, they do compare very favourably. Also as mentioned above, they can give you solutions not possible with other shed frame designs.

    So overall, they are a great way to build a shed or garage.

    Please Note: Stud Framed sheds can be only be supplied in South East Queensland under standard delivery fees. Other areas may incur extra delivery fees.

    Stud Framed Shed
    Stud Frame Shed